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Latest happenings at L-Mail
Add a signature
10th May 2005
L-Mail account holders can upload a digital version of their signature so it can appear at the foot of letters. Account holders simply log need in to log in to their L-Mail account and click the Upload Signature option.

Please contact L-Mail support if you need assistance resizing an image for the service.
BBC L-Mail interview
28th April 2005
On 5 April, 2005 Peter Harris, the Managing Director of L-Mail took part in an interview on the topic of web based letter services.

You can hear the interview via any MP3 player by following this link:
Send a mail shot via L-Mail
25th April 2005
L-Mail have introduced a mail merge facility enabling a single letter to be sent to multiple recipients at the click of a button. L-Mail account holders can simply add contacts into their address book and send a personalised letter to as many entries as they wish.

Staying in touch with people without email has never been easier. Whether its to send a newsletter to your family members, a business update or another mail shot, L-Mail can help make the task a breeze.

Clients with many address book entries can apply to have their database uploaded on their behalf.
WIth L-Mail your letters are in safe hands
30th March 2005
L-Mail are partners with GeoTrust, one of the world’s largest digital certificate providers, to offer 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption services to L-Mail customers. GeoTrust have more than 70,000 companies in over 140 countries using their technology for transaction security, identity verification and trust services on the Internet.

SSL allows the connection between your browser and the L-Mail server to be encrypted. After the connection is made, the information transmitted between your browser and our server is encrypted securely and is therefore totally private as your message is conveyed across the Internet. The information is also encrypted between our server and the L-Mail partner who will print and post your correspondence.

L-Mail have also partnered with SquareTrade. The "Security Tested" Seal that appears on our home page confirms that SquareTrade scans and tests daily for security issues. As part of this scan, SquareTrade simulates an unauthorized user. These attacks include over 200 of the most significant internet security vulnerabilities identified by the SANS Institute and the National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) at the FBI.

Our letter dispatch process is automated and our staff carefully selected and references taken ensuring a high level of integrity in our organisation.

Once letters leave L-Mail they are as secure as any other letters trusted to local post office services. However, as we print at a location nearer to the recipient of the letter, likelihood of your correspondence being lost or delayed is minimised. There are no flights to miss and less chance of disruption through local outages in the postal system.

L-Mail is more secure than email. Email does not include any encryption and in theory every privileged person on the net (e.g. all hosts on your mail-path) could read or even modify your communication (
The L-Mail Address Book has arrived
18th March 2005
Writing letters to friends, family and businesses has never been easier or quicker! With the introduction of the new L-MAil address book you simply select the contact you wish to write to, type the letter, click send and your done. The online record of letters sent also means you no longer need worry about keeping copies of letters around the house or office which invariably get lost!

Show people you care - send an L-Mail. It's more personal than an email, it wont get stuck in a spam trap and can't be deleted at the click of a button.

For further information please visit
L-Mail site of the day at TopLinks
02nd March 2005
Romainian website, Toplinks has made L-Mail its site of the day:

A Postal Office is a very growded place and sometimes even very unfriendly. For most of us, a trip to the local Post Office is a living hell. Not to mention the sealing of the envelopes :) But we have a good news for you: somebody thought of taking all this hard work from you away and do it for you. So, you compose your letter on their website, in strictly confidentiality, you pay by credit card (generally, the prices are under 1 pound) and you stay relaxed at home. L-Mial handles everything.

Plus: For some destinations you pay less, than you would pay by normal postal services.

Minus: for other destinations you pay more...

Our thanks to Valentin Vesa, L-Mail Printing Partner in Romania for the translation.

For Romainian readers, the original article follows:

Posta este un loc prea aglomerat uneori si absolut neprietenos alteori. Pentru multi, un drum pana la posta e un chin. Ca sa nu mai vorbim de lipitul plicului:) Dar iata ca cineva s-a gandit sa faca pentru tine aceasta operatiune neplacuta. Din pacate, contra cost. Asadar, iti compui scrisoarea pe site, in conditii de confidentialitate, platesti prin card (in general preturile se situeaza sub 1 lira) si stai linistit acasa. L-mail se ocupa de tot.

Plus: Pentru unele destinatii platesti mai putin decat ai plati prin posta normala.

Minus: ...iar pentru altele mai mult. teams up with Redmail Austria
28th February 2005
L-Mail, the online letter writing service, has teamed up with Austrian postal service provider redmail. The new business relationship will enable L-Mail customers located anywhere in the world to have letters printed and posted direct in Austria saving postal costs and increasing speed of delivery.

redmail, a joint venture of the Austrian publishing group Styria Medien AG and the Dutch TPG Post Group, is the largest private postal operator in Austria.

Peter Harris, Managing Director of L-Mail commented, "We are really enjoying working with redmail. They have been very receptive to the L-Mail concept and their central European location is ideal for L-Mail customers who wish to write letters to this area. Redmail has the reputation of being flexible and more economical than the competition and our relationship has already proven this."

Robert Rappold, Head of Legal Department and PR representative of redmail commented "Through our co-operation with L-Mail redmail gains access to additional cross border mail volumes, a fact which will contribute to strengthen the position of redmail in the Austrian as well as in the European postal market. Achieving this by lowering the postal charges for L-Mail users is really a pleasure for us."

The website allows users to type and format a letter before it is printed and posted to anywhere in the world from the location the author specifies. The recent Austrian addition to the growing network of printing and posting locations gives users more even more choice in where their letters can be posted from.

L-Mail currently prints and posts letters from the following locations:
Australia - Melbourne
Australia - Sydney
Austria - Vienna
Canada - Braille Printing Station, BC
Canada - British Columbia
India - Chennai (Madras)
Ireland - Dublin
New Zealand - Braille Printing Station, Wellington
New Zealand - Wellington
Romania - Cluj
Slovenia - Ljubljana
South Africa - Cape Town
Spain - Madrid
United Kingdom - Audio and Braille Letters, Bristol
United Kingdom - Edinburgh
United Kingdom - Leicester
United States - New York

Further locations will be added over future weeks.

The cost of an L-Mail varies according to the destination of the letter. A three page letter to Vienna, Austria for example costs just 68p (Pounds Sterling).

The L-Mail web site can be found at


redmail was established in 2001 and has been developing since then from a newspaper delivery service to Austria’s leading private postal operator. Based on approximately 4.500 delivery men today redmail is able to offer its services all over Austria and even beyond by being part of the international network of TPG Post Group. redmail delivers all standard mail items which are open for competition and continuously expands its activities in line with the gradual liberalisation of Europe’s postal markets.


QiQ Limited, creators of L-Mail, was established in 1998. QiQ has developed web sites and provided consultancy services for royal institutions, charities, credit card firms, aviation authorities, security companies and businesses large and small around the globe. QiQ has also operated its own flagship web site Net4Nowt, a directory of Internet Service Providers, which has been classed as one of the top 100 web sites in the UK by Practical Internet magazine.

L-Mail is the latest web site to be developed and operated by QiQ Limited.


For more information on QiQ Limited or L-Mail visit and or contact:

Peter Harris
Tel: +44 (0) 845 070 3222
Fax: +44 (0)845 070 3222

For more information on Redmail visit or contact:

Robert Rappold
>>>redmailTM Logistik und Zustellservice GmbH
Faradaygasse 6, A-1030 Wien
Tel.: +43/(0)1/795 00 47
Fax: +43/(0)1/795 00 33

The L-Mail Account has arrived!
26th February 2005
Today, we are pleased to announce the launch the L-Mail account. The L-Mail account allows individuals and businesses to send real letters from their PC faster than ever. You no longer have to enter your address or payment card details every time you send an L-Mail letter. You can concentrate on writing letters, not paying for them!

An L-Mail account gives you a number of extra benefits:
- View all the L-Mails you produce.
- View your account details online and make address changes.
- View details of all payments made to your account.
- See the L-Mail letter pricing table - it lets you see the cost of letters at a glance.
- Cancel any L-Mail that you produce and receive a full refund. Letters can not be cancelled once they are printed.
- Be amongst the first to learn of new additions to the service.

So, what are you waiting for! Pop along to and get started now! L-Mail accounts are free. A minimum deposit of just £10.00 is required - enough to write over 30 letters to Australia!

To see a multi-media demonstration of the account, please visit (0.8MB) - remember to have your volume turned up.
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