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Imagine a Postman in your PC.

We've created L-Mail to put the fun back into letter writing. Whether it is for business or personal needs, we believe we have removed some of the barriers to producing great letters.
How it works?
Four stage process for sending a letter
Write it.
1. Type your letter on your home or office computer.
Send it.
2. Once you click 'send' L-mail route your electronic letter to the nearest printing station to the recipient. A copy of your letter is emailed back to you.
Print it.
3. We print your letter, put it in an envelope and send it on its way by mail using the local postal system.
Receive it.
4. An email is sent back to you to confirm when your letter has been posted and that it is on its way.
A range of services.

L-Mail offers a range of services to help make your letter writing a breeze. These are outlined below.

Single letters

Single Letters

For occasional or irregular letter writing, send a single L-Mail and pay for it with your credit or debit card. There is no need to open an account and no fuss. Simply type your letter, pay for it and we'll do the rest.

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The L-Mail account

The L-Mail Account

An L-Mail account allows you to send L-Mail letters without having to enter your personal or payment details each time. You place a deposit with us and every time you write a letter, we deduct the cost of the letter from your balance. Account holders can also store letters online for future reference and benefit from a number of valuable additional features.Click here to view a demonstration (0.8MB). Please ensure your sound is turned up so you can hear the commentary.

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Email Letters

Email Letters

L-Mail account holders can benefit from our email interface. Simply add your contacts to your L-Mail address book and make a note of the email address we allocate to each contact. To send a letter, simply email your correspondence to the email address provided.

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The L-Mail integration account

The L-Mail Integration Account

By providing online businesses with basic HTML code to integrate in to their online systems, an L-Mail Integration Account enables real letters to be generated as easily as generating an automated email. The code enables you to specify the exact formatting for your letter including images for logos, letterheads and signatures and also gives you the ability to specify which L-Mail printing and posting location your letter should be sent from.

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Braille Letters

Braille Letters offers an online Braille translation service. The service offers a 24 hour turnaround for the printing and posting of Braille letters to any location in the world.

Users simply type their letter, select the Braille printing location, make their payment and L-Mail will print and post the letter encoded in Braille.

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Audio Letters

Audio Letters

L-Mail will turn your letter into a professionally recorded talking letter and post either a CD or Cassette Tape to any address in the world. Listen to a sample (0.9MB MP3 file).

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Custom mail services

Mail Merge / Mail Shot

The L-Mail mail merge facility enables a single letter to be sent to multiple recipients at the click of a button. L-Mail account holders can simply add contacts into their address book and send a personalised letter to as many entries as they wish. Whether you wish to send a newsletter to friends, a business update or another mail shot, L-Mail can help make the task a breeze.

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Custom Mail Services

If your looking to mail accountants in New York, vets in Sydney or cafe bars in London L-Mail can help. We are able to procure mailing lists on your behalf, prepare the mail shot, with mail merge if necessary and print and post it locally. Simply provide us with your brief and we will provide a no obligation quote for your project.

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Why use L-mail?

Speed up delivery times for your overseas letters.
L -mail enables you to send a physical letter to any address via the internet to our local printing locations. This can knock days off the delivery time.

Physical letter writing with the convenience of email.
We offer a convenient electronic method of sending letters to individuals and businesses not connected to the internet – via any internet connection!

Spam and junk email is not read, letters are.
L-mail is an efficient way to get your marketing messages to your mailing list.

Queuing at the post office becomes a thing of the past.
If you spend 20 minutes a week going to the post office to send your letters, you are wasting over 17 unproductive hours a year – over 2 working days. In a 48 year working career this adds up to over 6 months!

Send a letter wherever you have access to the Internet.
When you need the impact of a professional letter, but you only have a laptop or a cyber café, L-Mail provides the ideal mailing solution.

Descriptions do not compare to using a product. It's time to dig in, and see for yourself why we feel L-mail will be your choice for your online letter production needs. © copyright reserved 2024.