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Latest happenings at L-Mail
L-Mail adds talking letters to its growing list of services
16th February 2005 can now record and post audio letters on behalf of customers. Following the introduction of its Braille letter service in January,

L-Mail users can now send professionally recorded audio letters sent to recipients, on either cassette tape or CD, anywhere in the world.

Commenting on the new service, Peter Harris, Managing Director of L-Mail said, "We recently introduced the ability to send Braille letters for the benefit of individuals and businesses who wish to write to Braille readers around the world. Our new Audio Letter service opens up the potential to communicate with even more people with sight problems. With over two million people with sight problems in the UK alone the service has the potential to make a real difference."

Users wishing to send an Audio letter simply visit the web site, type the sender and recipients details, enter the contents for the audio letter and make payment. L-Mail then arrange for the letter to be professionally recorded and posted within 24 hours of receipt of the order. L-Mail also offer an integration account which enables web developers to program their sites to automatically generate letters in a variety of formats and have them posted by L-Mail.

L-Mail was launched in September 2004 by Internet consultancy QiQ and already boasts hundreds of customers in many countries around the world. When used for sending traditional letters, L-Mail is frequently cheaper and faster than air mail. L-Mail currently print and post letters to any address from 16 locations and is continuing to expand its worldwide network. Audio letters are currently posted from the UK to any worldwide address. Braille letters are sent from the UK, Canada and New Zealand. Payment for letters can be made using credit or debit cards in five different currencies.

Further information on Braille and Audio letters can be found at
OFFICIAL: L-Mail is one cool site!
06th February 2005
We are pleased to report that L-Mail is to be listed by 'Cool SIte of the Day'.

The team at 'Cool Site of the Day' spend their time "surfing the web looking for the best web sites that demonstrated notable strides in innovation, content, and design and choosing one each day that that we deemed worthy of your perusal".

L-Mail is to be listed on 8 February 2005.
Popular Science Magazine checks out L-Mail
02nd February 2005
US magazine Popular Science has been checking out L-Mail as the following piece reveals...

<i><b>Online Letter-Writing</b>

At, you can type and address a letter online, and the company will print it out at one of several locations in the U.S., Europe and Australia and send it to the recipient just about anywhere on the planet, usually faster and for less money than if you sent it by post. You can even upload your own digital signature. —H2.0 Staff </i>
L-Mail launches Braille printing and posting service
18th January 2005 the online letter printing and posting service has today announced the launch of an online Braille translation service. The new service offers a 24 hour turnaround for the printing and posting of Braille letters to any location in the world.

Users can simply type their letter, select the BRAILLE PRINTING ONLY printing location make their payment and L-Mail will print and post the letter within 24 hours of receipt (Monday to Friday) encoded in Braille.

Peter Harris, Managing Director of QiQ, the company behind said "With no need to open an account and all Braille letters being produced by professional Braille encoders, we believe we have a great service that is of use to both consumers and businesses. Whether an individual wishes to communicate with a blind friend or a business wishes to stay ahead of accessibility laws we believe this new cost effective service can help".

Craig Faris of 'The Braille Superstore', the professional Braille transcribers behind the North American providers of the service said "Everyone here is very excited about this new venture. By combining our Braille translation experience with L-Mail's user-friendly letter-sending website, it's never been easier for friends or co-workers to communicate with Braille readers. And perhaps best of all, you can use the very same site to send letters to anyone on your list - whether they happen to read regular print or Braille!".

L-Mail Braille letters can currently be sent via Canada for North America and Europe recipients and New Zealand for the Asia / Pacific region.

L-Mail recently launched an Integration Account which enables online systems to automate the production of standard letters. The Integration Account can also be used to generate Braille letters.

Braille letters, depending on location and exchange rate, cost around £5.00 each.


To send a Braille letter

1. Click the 'Write a Letter' menu option at the top of this page
2. Enter your details and the details of the recipient of the letter
3. Enter the body of your letter
4. Format your letter. Please remember this letter will be translated to Braille so formatting should be kept to a minimum.
5. Select a Braille Printing Station from the menu of printing locations.
6. Make payment

If requested, we will send a copy of your letter to you by email (non Braille). We will also send an email to notify you when the letter is on its way.
L-Mail featured in Broadband Advisor magazine
17th January 2005
L-Mail has been featured in this months Broadband Advisor Magazine. The article which includes an overview of the service and step by step instructions can be downloaded here - (613 KB).
L-Mail commences trials of Integration Account
04th January 2005
There are approximately 6 billion people on the planet, only 1 billion have Internet access but by integrating L-Mail into online systems businesses can communicate as easily to people with email as those without.

Internal testing of the L-Mail integration account is now nearing completion and L-Mail are now working with a number of businesses on testing the solution further before complete roll-out. If you are interested in assisting in the testing of the Integration Account, please email

<b>What is an L-Mail integration account? </b>

By providing online businesses with basic HTML code to integrate in to your online systems, an L-Mail integration account enables clients to generate a letter as easily as generating an automated email. The code enables users to specify the exact formatting of letters (including images for logos, letterheads and signatures) and also provides the ability to specify which L-Mail printing and posting location letters should be sent from. A real-time online control panel lets users monitor letter production and manage their L-Mail account.

<b>What are the benefits </b>

- L-Mail handle letter sending logistics so businesses don't have to.
- International letters don't have to take weeks. An L-Mail takes a few days as we print and post our letters close to the recipient from a number of global locations daily.
- People read letters, they rarely get deleted as easily as an email.
- As more and more email addresses get incorrectly blacklisted postal correspondence could represent the ideal way to remain in touch with your customer.
- Which creates the stronger impression an email or a letter? Create a more personal and longer lasting impression, show your customer you care enough to write to them.
- An L-Mail integration account lets businesses send letters seamlessly and as easily as sending an automated email.

<b>How could I use an L-Mail Integration account? </b>

There are hundreds of ways an L-Mail integration account could be put to work for your business or organisation. The following is a list of a just few examples.
- Send a personal letter welcoming new customers.
- Automate the sending of invoices to those clients who still prefer paper copies.
- Integrate the sending of all standard company letters whilst moving the need to manage outgoing mail.
- Automate the production of debt collection letters.
- Fed up with customers forgetting their appointment? Send appointment confirmations .
- Confirm your customers live where they say they live. Send activation codes by letter.
- Send your newsletters to customers or members without email.
- Send communication in Braille to customers with sight difficulties.

<b>How much does an integration account cost? </b>

An L-Mail integration account is available at no charge. An initial £10 deposit is required to open the account. This is used as the opening balance from which the cost of your letters is deducted. Your account has to be kept in credit for letters to be produced and mailed. Reminders are sent when balances reach a predetermined limit. Letters are charged at the standard L-Mail rates. Discounts and credit accounts are provided for bulk users who should contact L-Mail for further details.

<b>What support is available? </b>

The L-Mail team are happy to answer any questions relating to the integration of L-Mail in to systems. If programming assistance is required, this may be available but would be chargeable.

<b>How can I get an L-Mail integration account? </b>

In the first instance, please email or enrol at
New Year New Server
03rd January 2005
During the Christmas and New Year break the L-Mail site has moved to a new data centre and server. We hope you notice the difference. This is in preparation for new services about to be launched.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a happy 2005.
Christmas trading
20th December 2004
We would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU to you for taking an interest in our L-Mail service in 2004. We have been rather blown over by the amount of support our service has generated and we're very much looking forward to 2005. As they say, "you've not seen anything yet!"

Over the next week, we will be moving L-Mail to a new server and upgrading the system ready for the introduction of the L-Mail integration account at the start of January. As a result, L-Mail will be UNAVAILABLE from mid-day 24 December 2004 until 04 January 2005 for sending letters.

We are all taking part in a revolution in the way letters are being produced and sent and we will continue to push the boundaries and L-Mail will be starting 2005 with a bang. We will be launching the L-Mail integration account, a system that allows users to automate the sending of letters through their web sites, using the L-Mail platform for printing and posting.

Enhanced online reporting for printing/posting partners will be introduced with this upgrade together with a number of other enhancements. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like further information.

Thank you again for your support. On behalf of Paul, myself and the L-Mail team I would like to wish you and yours a very happy Christmas and a mutually prosperous New Year.
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