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Latest happenings at L-Mail
MicroAid integrate with L-Mail
14th December 2005
MicroAid, the developer of web systems for community groups, has selected the L-Mail Integration Account for the automatic production of online letters.

The integration has resulted in MicroAid users now being able to send newsletters by normal post as well as by electronic mail.

The MicroAid website can be found at
L-Mail extends Christmas last posting dates
08th December 2005
If your in a hurry to get a letter to a recipient this Christmas, don't forget using L-Mail can extend the last post deadline.

As l-Mail prints and post letters nearer to your destination, delivery times can be slashed! For example, if your sending a letter from the UK to Australia, the recommended last date for posting in the UK is 9 December. Send by L-Mail and your letter could still arrive in time if posted by L-Mail on 19 December.

Easy Braille & Audio Letters in Australia
14th November 2005
L-Mail has teamed up with Vision Australia to allow Braille and Audio letters to be generated and sent via a web browser.

Anyone wishing to send a Braille or Audio letters can simply visit the web site, type the sender and recipient’s details, enter the contents for the letter and make payment. L-Mail then arrange for the letter to be professionally recorded or coded in Braille in association with Vision Australia, and posted within one business day of receipt of the order.

The new relationship enables L-Mail and Vision Australia customers located anywhere in the world to have letters embossed in Braille, or converted into an Audio letter on CD, and posted from Australia at a time convenient to them.

Vision Australia aims to ensure that people who are blind or vision impaired are accessing and fully participating in every chosen facet of life. “Working with L-Mail is an important way of helping to meet this goal”, said Tim Evans General Manager Business Enterprises at Vision Australia “L-Mail is an example of the new information and communication technologies that are opening up a world of possibilities for people with a print disability.”

Peter Harris, Managing Director of L-Mail commented, "It is a privilege to be working with Vision Australia to deliver this new innovative service in Australia. With no need to open an account and the Braille and Audio letters being professionally produced by Vision Australia, we believe we have a great service. Whether an individual wishes to communicate with a blind friend or a business wishes to stay ahead of accessibility laws we believe this new cost effective service can help."

The website allows users to type and format a letter before it is printed and posted to anywhere in the world from the location the author specifies. This recent Australian addition to the growing network of over 20 printing and posting locations gives users even more choice in where their letters can be posted from and what format they are in.

The L-Mail web site can be found at

L-Mail extends to 7 continents and over 20 locations
02nd October 2005
L-Mail, the online letter writing service, has announced today that it has extended its growing network to cover 21 locations around the world. The company now has representation on every continent (with the exception of Antarctica).

The L-Mail service provides consumers and businesses with an efficient range of tools for producing letters without the need for pen, paper or the trip to the post office. Users of the system simply type their letter in their web browser, format it, add a signature if they require, before paying and selecting which of the 21 locations they would like to process their correspondence.

The L-Mail system enables:

• Letters to be printed and posted close to the recipient cutting days, and sometimes weeks, off delivery times.
• Users to get a copy of their letter emailed for electronic filing - at no extra charge.
• Users to convert their letters into Audio and Braille communications.
• 3 page international letters to be sent often for little more than local postage costs.

L-Mail users can send single letters without the need to open an account. For example, a three page letter to Australia will cost as little as 32p. Alternatively, an L-Mail account can be opened with an initial deposit of £10.00 from which the cost of letters is deducted. The L-Mail account has a number of extra benefits for users including:

• Storing contact details in an online address book.
• Letting users securely view all letters they have produced via any web browser.
• Perform mail merge functions, enabling a personalised letter to be sent to selected recipients from the users address book.
• Access to the L-Mail Integration account, which enables web developers to send letters direct from their systems.

“We are extremely excited by the positive feedback we have been receiving.” said Peter Harris, Managing Director of QiQ Communications. “We have many regular users. Most like L-Mail because we allow them to produce a physical letter with a similar level of convenience as creating an email. Others like L-Mail because of the increased reliability it offers compared to some email and of course, a letter will always be that bit more personal than an email - it shows you care that little bit more.”

Paul Hamlington, Technical Director at QiQ Communications said "We've made careful use of the technologies available to us to provide a reliable and secure systems with capacity to cope with the exponential growth we are currently seeing". L-Mail are partners with GeoTrust, one of the world’s largest digital certificate providers, to offer 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption services to all L-Mail customers. In addition, the L-Mail servers are tested daily including checks for over 200 of the most significant internet security vulnerabilities as identified by the SANS Institute and the National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) at the FBI.
Interactive L-Mail map
31st August 2005
The L-Mail home page now features an interactive map of all our printing and posting locations around the world. With the ability to zoom in to view a precise location and click to find out more details about services offered the map is a useful companion tool for all our letter writers.

The city, country and current time for each location is also shown.
L-Mail launch in Israel
06th August 2005
L-Mail is pleased to announce the introduction of a new printing and posting location in Karmiel, Israel.

Located in the Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Egypt, Jordon and Lebanon, Israel represents the expansion of L-Mail into a new region we are pleased to be supporting. With a population of around 6 million and 2 million internet users, L-Mail could become a useful communication tool for many Israelis and people of other Middle Eastern countries.
Daily price updates
04th August 2005
Following some enhancements to the L-Mail system, our prices will now be more competitive than ever. L-Mail now automatically monitor the currencies of all the locations we operate in on a daily basis. This enables L-Mail to ensure that the prices accurately reflect the best exchange rate available to us.

Prices will now automatically update daily in line with exchange rate movements. L-Mail currently supports five international currencies.
L-Mail talking letters
19th July 2005
L-Mail can now turn your letter into a professionally recorded talking letter and post either a CD or Cassette Tape to any address in the world.

Visit for full details.
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