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Latest happenings at L-Mail
Christmas trading
20th December 2004
We would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU to you for taking an interest in our L-Mail service in 2004. We have been rather blown over by the amount of support our service has generated and we're very much looking forward to 2005. As they say, "you've not seen anything yet!"

Over the next week, we will be moving L-Mail to a new server and upgrading the system ready for the introduction of the L-Mail integration account at the start of January. As a result, L-Mail will be UNAVAILABLE from mid-day 24 December 2004 until 04 January 2005 for sending letters.

We are all taking part in a revolution in the way letters are being produced and sent and we will continue to push the boundaries and L-Mail will be starting 2005 with a bang. We will be launching the L-Mail integration account, a system that allows users to automate the sending of letters through their web sites, using the L-Mail platform for printing and posting.

Enhanced online reporting for printing/posting partners will be introduced with this upgrade together with a number of other enhancements. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like further information.

Thank you again for your support. On behalf of Paul, myself and the L-Mail team I would like to wish you and yours a very happy Christmas and a mutually prosperous New Year.
L-Mail doubles number of printing/posting locations
03rd December 2004
Since its launch in September L-Mail has expanded from coverage in an initial 7 locations around the world to a current count of 14.

Most recent additions to the service include printing and posting locations in Cape Town (South Africa), Wellington (New Zealand), Melbourne (Australia) and Chennai (Madras) in India.

Peter Harris, Managing Director of QiQ Limited commented "Growing the number of locations that users can print and post letters from is important. The more locations means more customers can benefit from the increased speed and reduced cost sending an L-Mail represents. We get requests regularly to bring new locations online."

L-Mail enables users to send letters online without having to open an account and with letter costs starting from just 32p (around US$0.63) for a three page letter it represents very good value for money. Harris sees the benefits as more than just the cost of the postage "L-Mail is about operating a cost effective mail service, but its more than comparing prices with the Post Office. For example, a thee page L-Mail from anywhere in the world to Australia is just 32p, but if you take into account the time it takes letter writers to buy stamps, visit the post office and then the trip to the post box the actual savings are far greater." The L-Mail website makes the comparison that 20 minutes a week going to the Post Office is equal to 6 months during a lifetime.

But is L-Mail just being used as a gimmick? Harris comments "Some users do indeed see L-Mail as a gimmick - they use it to see if we actually do what we say we do and benefit from the novelty value of our service. However, the number of serious users is certainly greater and growing rapidly. We are starting to see many repeat customers who use L-Mail for both personal and business correspondence."

Whilst only two months young L-Mail has already achieved a number of its initial objectives. "Our initial goals were to develop a stable platform for L-Mail, open 10 printing/posting locations and to start to see regular use of the service by consumers. I'm pleased that we've exceeded our expectations in each area which gives us a great starting point as we look to introduce more enhancements and encourage growth in the use of our service" said Harris.

L-Mail is located at and currently allows letters to be sent online via Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States of America to any country on the planet.
L-Mail South Africa
02nd December 2004
L-Mail is pleased to launch a printing/posting location in Cape Town, South Africa. With a population of over 42 million, South Africa represents an ideal location to select when wishing to write to Africa's southern tip..
L-Mail reaches India
29th November 2004
For many, India is associated with snake charmers, Bollywood movie stars, maharajahs, rickshaws and computer geeks. It can now also be associated with being a location to send L-Mail letters.

L-Mail is an online letter writing service. In summary, users of the web based service can type their letter online through any web browser and select to have their letter printed and posted from one of 13 locations including Chennai (Madras) in India.

A three page letter costs GBP 0.78, or approximately USD$1.52.
L-Mail expands down under
20th November 2004
L-Mail, the online service that allows users to send real letters via the Internet, has increased its presence in Australasia.

The service now allows online letter writers anywhere on the planet to choose Melbourne or Sydney in Australia and Wellington in New Zealand as the posting location for letters.

With a three page letter to Australia costing only 32p (around US$0.63 AU$0.79) the system represents great value for money. The stamp alone from the UK to Australia would usually cost 68p.
L-Mail delivers in Slovinia
03rd November 2004
Whilst L-Mail users can send a letter to any address in the world via their Internet browser, they can now benefit from selecting Slovinia as the location their letter is printed and posted from.

This new L-Mail location means international letters destined for Slovinia and other Central European destinations could be delivered in just a couple of days compared to weeks by traditional mail.

Further L-Mail printing/posting locations are scheduled to come on line over future weeks.
L-Mail launches Romanian print/posting station
16th October 2004 has today launched a printing/posting station in Romania.

With a population of 22 million and just 4 million Internet users, L-Mail could represent an ideal way Internet users worldwide to communicate effectively with the Romanian population.

A 3 page letter to Romania costs around EU 0.66 from anywhere in the world and, depending on time of entry and destination, could benefit from next day delivery.
L-Mail introduces worldclass security tests
15th October 2004 is committed to providing customers with a secure transaction and have asked SquareTrade to monitor our website on a daily basis for vulnerabilities.

The daily SquareTrade security scan simulates an unauthorised user and seeks out over 200 of the most significant internet security vulnerabilities identified by the SANS Institute and the National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) at the FBI.

In the event of any vulnerability arises we are notified and action is immidiately taken allowing us to stay on top of any new issues.

SquareTrade provide security services to many online businesses around the world including Ebay, Sony, Google, and Overture.
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