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To create an L-Mail account, please click on the register now link below.
This will launch the application form where you will be required to provide some information before your account is created.
L-Mail Account:
Opening an L-Mail account makes sending letters even simpler and quicker for you!
What is an L-Mail account?
An L-Mail account allows you to send L-Mail letters without having to enter your personal or payment details each time. You place a minimum deposit of £10.00 with us and every time you write a letter, we deduct the cost of the letter from your balance.
What are the benefits?
- You no longer have to enter your details or payment card details every time you send an L-Mail letter. You can concentrate on writing your letters, not paying for them.
- Use the L-Mail mail merge facility enabling a single letter to be sent to multiple recipients at the click of a button. L-Mail account holders can simply add contacts into their address book and send a personalised letter to as many entries as they wish.
- L-Mail account holders receive are eligible for discounts on letters, depending on volume.
- All account holders pay our lowest prices. There are no premium charges for paying by Debit Card.
- View the letters you have sent from any web browser.
- An L-Mail account gives you a number of extra account options:
  - View your account details online and notify us of address changes
  - View details of all payments made to your account
  - The L-Mail letter pricing table lets you see the cost of letters at a glance
  - Cancel unprinted L-Mail and receive a full refund.
- View details of all L-Mails produced:
  - L-Mail Reference numbers
  - Printing station location
  - Letter destination
  - Letter zone
  - Time the letter was created
  - Time the letter was printed
  - Time the letter was posted
  - Current status for letters (queued, printed or posted)
  - Sender name
  - Sender address
  - Recipient Name
  - Recipient Address
- L-Mail account holders are the first to learn of new L-Mail features and special offers.
How much does an L-Mail account cost?
An L-Mail account is available at no charge. An initial £10.00 deposit is required to open your account. This is used as the opening balance from which the cost of your letters is deducted.

Your account has to be kept in credit for letters to be produced and mailed. Letters are charged at the standard L-Mail rates. Discounts and credit accounts are provided for bulk users who should contact L-Mail for further details.
What support is available?
We are happy to answer any questions relating to the use of L-Mail. Simply raise a support ticket by clicking the 'Contact Us' option in the top right of this page.
Are my credit card details safe?
Yes. L-Mail use Worldpay, a company owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland, for all credit card transactions. Your card details are encrypted and L-Mail never knows your card number, we just get notified of successful transactions.
Can I view a demonstration?
Yes. Please visit (0.8MB). Please ensure your sound is turned up so you can hear the multimedia demonstration commentary.
How can I open an L-Mail account?
To open an account, please click the register button located at the top left of this page and complete the application form. Once the application form is completed click on the link within the email that is sent to activate your account. © copyright reserved 2023.