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Latest happenings at L-Mail
L-Mail Auto Top-up
10th April 2015
We have added a new Auto top up feature to all L-Mail accounts.

Auto Top-up enables us to automatically add funds to your L-Mail account when the balance falls below the specified trigger. Simply turn the service on, specify your preferred top up amount, trigger value and add your card details and we'll do the rest.

The service is optional but should be seen as a welcome addition especially for our clients who regularly send mail via our service.

L-Mail does not store card details. These are securely maintained by our credit card processor
Sending mail gets easier thanks to a new collaboration
29th July 2014
The humble letter may be considered out of fashion but maybe its in ability to keep up with modern technology is partly to blame - until now. Compared to an email, Facebook or text message the letter is cumbersome. It requires stationery and a trip to the Post Office or Letterbox before its on its way. It then takes time to reach its destination.

However, a new service from German business Mils, in partnership with Australian hybrid mail company QiQ, enables computer users to send a PDF document directly from their desktop. Once installed, users simply drag the document for mailing into the application, make payment and it is then automatically transmitted for mailing from a number of worldwide locations. Letters arrive faster and often cheaper than traditional airmail and there is no need for the trip to the Post Office. The uses to the service are unlimited - personal letters, invoices and payment reminders can all be on there way that bit quicker.

The Mils application interface is easy to use and functionally rich. For example, it presents users with a map showing both the location of the printing station and the recipient. Users can also easily sign the document using an Android, iOS, or Windows Phone device.

Speaking on the announcement, Mils’ CTO Alexander-Derek Rein commented: “We are excited to partner with QiQ in order to turn our vision of a fast and easy way to dispatch letters into reality. To us, the release of Mils represents an opportune moment which holds the prospect of facilitating mailing in the lives of thousands, and hopefully millions of people worldwide. One letter at a time.”

QiQ have been providing hybrid mail services since 2003 to over 180 countries from more than 30 worldwide locations. QiQ’s Managing Director commented “We are very happy to be working with Derek and the team at Mills. The Mills application creates an easy interface to our hybrid mail service enabling both PC and Mac computer users to easily reap the benefits of hybrid mail.

For further information:

Mils App -

QiQ -
Meeting your Know Your Customer requirements through hybrid mail.
25th July 2014
Here at QiQ we help a number of businesses meet their “Know Your Customer” requirements through our hybrid mail solutions.
Since the implementation of Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, international business has been forever changed. Governments, banks, and businesses must comply with tightened security measures to combat money laundering, identity theft, and possible terrorist funding.

Navigating different nations’ specific requirements can be tricky, but doing so will enable your business to expand. Here are five ways to manage the process:

Continued here –
Mailing PDFs
25th July 2014
In addition to our L-Mail service we also operate a PDF mailing service known as Docsaway.

Docsaway enables PDF documents to be uploaded or transmitted to us via our APIs for printing in over 15 worldwide locations. Unlike L-Mail, Docsaway enables documents of up to 40 pages in length to be mailed and also printed in colour for some locations.

Let us know if you need further help with either or
Excellence in Export award
08th October 2013
QiQ, the business behind have made it through to the final round of the Central Coast Business Excellence Awards 2013.

Whilst we came second in our category, QiQ is grateful for the acknowledgement of our work, particularly in export through online services – both web hosting and domain name sales and our hybrid mail service.
Finalist for the Premiers New South Wales Export Awards
08th October 2013
QiQ have made it through to the finals of the Premier's NSW Export Awards 2013. This year marks the 51st Anniversary of the NSW Export Awards program; making the NSW Export Awards, Australia's longest running business awards program.
Old-School Service Businesses Reborn for the Web
08th October 2013
The Internet may have killed the travel agent and the door-to-door encyclopedia salesman, but the service economy is still running strong. In fact, the digital revolution is giving many entrepreneurs an opportunity to re-imagine old services to make them better. In some cases, the service revamp hinges on improved cost or convenience; other times, it’s making a service relevant to a new audience.

For the full article please see:
Easter Deliveries
28th March 2013
With many countries celebrating Easter, letter deliveries may take longer than usual.

L-Mail will continue to accept letter requests over the holiday period but in many instances letters will not be processed until Tuesday 2 April 2013.
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