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Latest happenings at L-Mail
German postal workers strike, deliveries delayed
22nd January 2023
Due to recent strike action by German postal workers, mail sent via Germany may be subject to delays.
08th March 2022
While we are accepting letters addressed to Ukraine, where we can print and post from, our partner in this country is presently unable to process correspondence. Letters will be retained until they can be mailed.

Our thoughts are with all the people of this country at this time.
COVID-!9 - Mailing Status
07th April 2020
While most of our mailing locations remain available some international mail may be delayed.

Please refer to our status page at for the latest updates.

Stay safe!
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement
27th March 2020
Here at L-Mail, we send our very best wishes to everyone impacted by the virus currently troubling many people around the world. More than just wishes though, I wish to extend an offer of practical assistance and if there is anything we can do to help anyone impacted, please do get in touch.

QiQ has been operating as a virtual business for many years. I work with colleagues based on four continents so I can say it is very much just business as usual for us. We’re not having to adapt to remote working, we’ve been doing this since 2001.

I have received reassurances from all the various partners we work with around the world to assure us they have the necessary steps in place to provide continuity of service. Most have deployed remote working for staff and the Data Centres keep mission-critical staff on-site around the clock and continue to maintain their Service Level Agreements with us.

In these remarkable times, we will remain a trustworthy supplier of mailing services and I look forward to working with new and old customers to ensure this is the case.

Stay safe.

Kind regards,


Peter Harris
Managing Director
L-Mail AutoRouting
23rd October 2019
L-Mail users benefit from our AutoRouting feature. AutoRouting enables L-Mail to recommend a printing and posting location for correspondence based on price and approximate speed of delivery.

AutoRouting is used on all integration account letters where no preferred location for letter pricing is specified. For single and account L-Mail letters, AutoRouting is used to suggest the best location to clients.
Payment Options
23rd October 2019
L-Mail accepts payment by Visa, Mastercard and Amex in real-time.

We also accept direct bank deposits to accounts in GBP, AUD, EUR and USD. Please contact us if you require our bank account details for direct bank payments.
L-Mail Auto Top-up
05th April 2018
L-Mail accounts feature an Auto Top-up service. Auto Top-up enables us to automatically add funds to your L-Mail account when the balance falls below the specified trigger. Simply turn the service on, specify your preferred top up amount, trigger value and add your card details and we'll do the rest.

The service is optional but should be seen as a welcome addition especially for our clients who regularly send mail via our service.

L-Mail does not store card details. These are securely maintained by our credit card processor
Letter Templates
05th April 2018
L-Mail accounts include access to over 500 letter templates. If your lost for words or would like some help to gain some inspiration for your next piece of correspondence L-Mail can assist.

L-Mail letter templates include text for thank you letters, resignation letters, sample sales letters and hundreds of other pieces of correspondence.
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